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The first day of the Asian Games in Hangzhou became successful for Judoka Maysa Pardaeva who won the first medal to the Turkmenistan Team.

2023-09-26 06:10:27


Judoka Maysa Pardayeva won the first bronze medal for the Turkmenistan team at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. An 18-year-old graduate of the Lebapwrestling school, a 1st-year student at the Turkmen State Institute of Physical Education and Sports, achieved this remarkable success in the weight category up to 57 kg. 

In the match for the bronze medal, Maysa had to feel a lot of pressure. And not only from her rival from China - bronze medalist of the 2023 World Cup in Warsaw, the Grand Slam in Astana and the Grand Prix in Dushanbe Kai Qi, but also from the local spectators who powerfully supported their athlete. But the Turkmen athlete with honor won a clear victory in the 4th minute of the fight.

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At the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Maysa Pardayeva was one of the standard bearers of the Turkmenistan team at the opening ceremony of the Games.