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Successful performances of Turkmen boxers at the Asian Championship

2023-11-04 10:35:32


From October 23 to November 3, 2023, Turkmenistan's youth and junior boxing teams took part in there scheduled Asian Boxing Championship of the Asian Boxing Confederation in th ecity of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan.

A special mention should be made of athlete Dayanch Durdynepesov, who became the champion among juniors in Asia for the first time in history. Our 16-year-old junior athlete, who competed in the weight category up to 63 kg, winning over Ahmadi Arvaza from Kyrgyzstan, won the first gold medal in the final, and made a great contribution to the Turkmen medal fund.

Hamrayev Sanjar in the 48kg weight category, Khojaev Abdalla in the50 kg weight category, and Klychev Aziz in the57 kg weight category won silver medals in the competition.

Babazhanov Saitjan, who won bronze medals in the Asian Championship between  and youth, took part in the 54 kg weight category, Bakhtiyarov Ikhlas in the 75 kg weight category, and Muhammetdurdyev Mustapa in the 92 kg weight category.


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