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NOC Turkmenistan

The NOCT performs activities within its competence stipulated by the present Statutes on the whole territory of Turkmenistan.

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The National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan (hereinafter referred to as the NOC of Turkmenistan) is a voluntary, non-governmental, self-governing, non-profit public organization of physical culture and sports orientation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The NOC of Turkmenistan in its activities is guided by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the Civil Code of Turkmenistan, the Law on Public Associations and other normative legal acts of Turkmenistan, the Olympic Charter and the present Statutes.

The NOC of Turkmenistan implements its goals without discriminating against a political, racial, national, religious or other nature.

The NOC of Turkmenistan is free to determine its internal structure, goals, forms and methods of its activities.

Jurisdiction of the NOC of Turkmenistan within the competence provided by this Charter extends to the entire territory of Turkmenistan.

Intervention by state authorities and their officials in the activities of the NOC of Turkmenistan, as well as interference by the NOC of Turkmenistan in the activities of state authorities and their officials is not allowed. The NOC of Turkmenistan has the rights and responsibilities of autonomy which include the free establishment and control of sports rules falling under its jurisdiction, the definition of the structure and management of its organization, the right to elections free from any external influence and the responsibility to ensure the application of good governance principles.

The NOC of Turkmenistan must maintain its autonomy and resist any kind of pressures, including, but not limited to, political, legal, religious or economic pressures that may impede its compliance with the Olympic Charter. At the same time, in order to fulfill its mission, the NOC of Turkmenistan cooperates with state bodies and acts to develop and maintain a harmonious and fruitful relationship with state bodies, with mutual understanding and respect for the jurisdiction and responsibility of each entity. Nevertheless, the NOC of Turkmenistan does not associate itself with any activity that would contradict the Olympic Charter. The NOC of Turkmenistan can also cooperate with non-governmental organizations.

The organization is a legal entity, enjoys the rights and bears the obligations stipulated by the legislation of Turkmenistan for public associations.

The organization can acquire property and non-property rights in its own name, bear obligations, be a defendant and a plaintiff in the cashes, in the interests of achieving the statutory goals, to execute transactions in accordance with the legislation of Turkmenistan.

The organization has a separate property and an independent balance sheet, manat and currency accounts in banking institutions, a seal with its name. The organization has the right to have its flag, emblem, pendants and other symbols, subject to registration and registration in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

The headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan is located in Ashgabat city. Garashsyzlyk str, 76/1.

The main objectives of the NOC of Turkmenistan are:

  • The all-round development and protection of the Olympic movement in the country in accordance with the Olympic Charter;
  • Assistance to the Olympic education, physical and spiritual education of citizens of Turkmenistan by means of physical culture and sports;
  • Assistance in the development of mass sports and sports of the highest achievements in all velayats of Turkmenistan;
  • Strengthening the position and increasing the prestige of Turkmen sports in the international arena.


The tasks of the NOC of Turkmenistan are:

  • Promotion among the population of Turkmenistan of the fundamental principles of Olympism;
  • Dissemination of knowledge about Olympism, the Olympic movement and the Olympic Games in educational institutions;
  • Assistance in the creation of institutions whose activities are aimed at the development of the Olympic education;
  • Support of Olympic academies, Olympic museums, as well as cultural programs related to the Olympic movement;
  • Promoting the development of mass sports and national sports;
  • Realization of the cultural and educational potential of sports and related moral, aesthetic and other humanistic values;
  • Implementation of the activities under the program "Olympic Solidarity" for the members of the NOC of Turkmenistan;
  • Assistance in organizing physical education and sports among disabled people;
  • Promotion and support of medical care and athletes' health;
  • Creating conditions for close contacts and mutual enrichment of sport and spiritual culture;
  • Implementation of ideals and principles of honor and nobility in sport and in life;
  • Implementation of actions to ensure the preparation and successful performance of the national teams of Turkmenistan at the Olympic Games;
  • Protection of the interests of athletes, coaches, sports referees, veterans of physical culture and sports;
  • Creation and support of foundations and charitable organizations in favor of mass sports and sports of higher achievements;
  • Organization of scientific-practical conferences, meetings and seminars, on all issues within the field of interests of the National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan;
  • Preventing the use of doping and other negative results in sports;
  • Conducting and participating in mandatory events established by the IOC;
  • Participate in the program activities of the IOC, ANOC, OCA and other world sports organizations and associations
  • Active participation in environmental protection.