• Volleyball

    Volleyball was conceived as a less strenuous alternative to basketball. The sport became popular very quickly and made its Olympic debut in 1964.

Basketball and volleyball were both invented at Springfield College in Massachusetts within a few years of one another. In 1895, William G. Morgan, after watching basketball develop, decided to invent a less strenuous sport for older people. He called this game "Mintonette". However, a local professor noted the ball being volleyed over the net, and the sport was almost immediately renamed.

The sport quickly became popular across the world. Japan was playing the game by 1896, followed closely by other Asian countries and the sport developed rapidly over the next 20 years. A specially designed ball came into play; six-a-side play became standard and the rules mandating three hits were instituted.

  • Federation

    Volleyball Federation of Turkmenistan



    Serdar Tachnazarov 

  • Quick Facts

    • The first ball to be specially designed for volleyball was created in either 1896 by Spalding, or in 1900. The date is still disputed.
    • The first World Championships for men in volleyball was held in 1949.
    • On average a volleyball player will jump 300 times in one game.

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