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Turkmen tennis players are taking courses in sports psychology
15 February, 2021

Turkmen tennis players are taking courses in sports psychology
In preparation for the Davis Cup to be held in Ashgabat from 6 to 12 September this year, the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan together with the IDea Educational Center organized a course on sports psychology for members of the national team.
The classes are conducted by a certified psychologist Irina Dovletova, who has successfully completed advanced training courses in sports psychology at the Russian International Olympic University, which is the first such type higher educational institution in the world and has the status of a Regional Olympic Research Center of the IOC.
During the training, various exercises are practiced, including concentration, psychological stability, emotional response and the process of experiencing at competitions. In the process of playing sports, a person feels an increased physical and psychological stress, so he must be prepared for competitions, both physically and psychologically.
Athletes paying due attention to their mental conditioning achieve high results. Working with a sports psychologist helps them work out their fears and other problems that interfere during competitions, train their will, and adequately assess possibility.
The course will be held throughout the entire preparation time for the tournament.

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