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Turkmen sportsmen took part in the opening ceremony of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games
11 August, 2022

After the ceremonial opening of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, the Republic of Turkey, the most interesting competitions took place in the center of attention of the world’s sports community.

The moments of the big team of the Turkmen delegation, which came to the great sports festival, appeared at the ceremony organized under the national flag of Turkmenistan in the stadium with 42 thousand spectators, were more impressive.

Weightlifter Hojamuhammet Toychiyev, who has successfully participated in several major international competitions, was entrusted to attract the attention of Turkmen sportsmen passing through the stadium.

Sports fans gathered at the «Buyükşehir» stadium warmly welcomed the athletes of Turkmenistan. The ceremonial opening of the games was concluded with the parade of the delegations of the 54 countries participating in the competition under their flags.

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