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The International Cricket Council's (ICC) head of global development has described the sport's inclusion on the Asian Games programme as "brilliant".
20 October, 2020

Cricket was a medal sport at the Guangzhou 2010 and Incheon 2014 Games, before dropping off the programme for Jakarta-Palembang 2018.

However, it is set to return at Hangzhou 2022 and the ICC is hopeful it will also be played at Nagoya 2026.

"We are in discussion with the 2026 Asian Games in Nagoya, around cricket’s inclusion there," William Glenwright told Emerging Cricket.

Glenwright, the ICC head of global development, when asked about the potential for cricket to try and be included at the Olympic Games in 2032 and beyond, was keen to highlight the benefits of Asian Games inclusion.

"The Olympics is the game-changer, but it’s not just the Olympics that can drive those benefits for our members," Glenwright said.

"Cricket’s inclusion in the Asian Games for 2022 is brilliant for our Asian members, many of whom are able to get access to Government funding or Government facilities and programmes as a result of that."

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