National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan

Press release
Turkmen football players are in the final part of the AFC Cup
28 March, 2018

Loss in the last game of qualification round of 2019 Asian Football Cup did not affect our national team to enter the final part of the tournament, which is to be held in January in the United Arab Emirates. 

Guest match with Bahrein team was not decisive. Both teams had 10 points and the winner provided itself with the leading line in tournament table of E group. The second place also gave the right to continue the tournament. 

It was unsuccessful game for our team. In the first half, the competitor scored two goals on the 12th and 14th minutes. There were some dangerous but ineffective attacks of Turkmenistan team. The second half went on the same scenario. It was disappointing result 0:4 and the second loss of our team to Bahrein. 

Having won Singapore team with 1:0 score, Chinese Taipei took the third line in the table, however lost the chance to continue the tournament. 

Having gained 10 points, Turkmen players took second place in the group and were qualified to the final part of the Asian Cup for the second time for our national team. 

Our next opponents will be known after the draw on April 27.