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The second qualifying tournament on sports dances of the 2017-2018 season is conducted
22 March, 2018

The championship of Turkmenistan on sport dancing "Melody of Spring" was held on the eve of Novruz, which the impatiently awaited pupils of the capital clubs, members of the Federation of Sports Dances. This is the second qualifying tournament of the 2017-2018 season. Colorful dresses, elegant hair, joyful sparkling looks, expressive plastic movements emphasized the atmosphere of the colorful musical holiday. 

Young dancers in 4 age groups competed in the compulsory program: polka, disco, waltz, rumba, cha-cha-cha. The cups stood right there in the ballroom, as well as victory podium. 

The first competitors of the group 0 are the girls at the age of 6 years and younger. It’s happened hiccup - a 4-year-old girl squabbled and flatly refused to speak. It happens at such a young age! The championships became an incomparable holiday for other girls. 

Moms, dads, grandmothers, other relatives and friends of the competitors, as well as fans of dance art, who are interested in first steps of the future stars of the Turkmen dance floor are in the stands. The jury team includes the heads of capital clubs, experienced coaches and qualified judges: Alexander Sisekin, Irina Davidovich, Valeria Nepomnyshaya, Elena Zmaga, Anna Begliyeva, Christina Hristoforidi. 

Taking into consideration the age of competitor’s group, all children, along with the Certificate, confirming the passage of the next qualifying stage, received sweet prizes. But the competition is a contest and the best, according to the jury became Sofia Dmitrieva, Nelly Govorkova and Milan Charyeva - 1-3 places respectively. 

Meanwhile, on the dance floor, the members of group 1 are 7-8 years old. Among the girls in bright dresses, a boy stands out in a classic suit - a white top, a black bottom. This is 8-year-old Artem Masyaev, who with great diligence performed all the dance elements, beautifully straightened his arms, stretched his sock to the limit, held his head high and proud ... It was felt that ballroom dances mattered a lot in his life. Artem, gallantly missed the girls ahead - on the fifth line of the standings. Elizaveta Burmistrova, Eva Hayrapetyan and Medina Yusubova took places on the victory podium. 

If representatives of younger age groups evoke universal affection with spontaneity, rich palette of emotions and improvisational freedom, then the older participants demonstrate a high class of dance skills and leadership ambitions. 

Darina Govorkova, 4th grade student of Ashgabat school No. 44 - the winner in the age group of 10 years joyfully shares her impressions. 

"What happened most of all I dreamed of," Darina says in her first interview. - I am very happy and I want to thank my mother and my wonderful coach Alexander Sisekin, bronze medalist of the V Asian Games. I like to dance and will strive for new achievements. 

- Today in our family a special event, - Darina's mother comes into conversation, - the fact is that the second place in the group of kids was taken by my daughter Nelly Govorkova. 

We wished new impressive victories to the dancing family of Govorkov’s. Congratulations to the owners of the second and third places - Arina Slyusarenko and Liya Niyazova. 

Expectedly the most spectacular performances, exciting struggle and a high dance class were demonstrated by representatives of the junior group. The winner became Adelina Arutiunova, on the second and third places Angelina Grigorieva and Anastasia Mihailova respectively.